NGO “Ukraine needs you” has initiated the association of organizations in Civil Society Union “Stronger together “

Jun 2018

On Friday, 15 June, at 11 a.m., the Constituent Assembly of the public union of the organizations formed by displaced persons and human rights defenders was held in the co-working of the city library at address: Kyiv, Entuziastiv Street, 51/24.

The initiators of the association are about 20 organizations of internally displaced persons (IDPs), who identified one of the main ideas of the association, i.e. consolidation of efforts of the organizations and individual social activists towards local community development, promotion of integration of displaced persons into local communities and strengthening community cohesion.
The message of the public union is: “Together we build the world and develop the society”. We jointly identified the name of the union – Civil Society Union “Stronger Together”.

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