Law papers in paper media and Internet resources (2015-2016 years)

Nov 2015

The first steps of the NGO activities are legal advice provided through social networks and online, law education and articles in the media. For example, such as:

Real estate in the ATO zone. How could a settler sell the apartment and not lose his mind and money: schemes and nuances?
Legal counselling: The rights of persons with disabilities (part I).
Articles (blogs, authors, members of the organization):
1) The procedure of recourse to the court. The main thing we have to remember about.
2) We’re buying via the internet: consumer protection, defects in the goods.
3) Closure of private entrepreneurs, being opened in the ATO zone.
4) Termination of state business registration as private entrepreneurs with internally displaced status.
5) Property compensation of forcibly evicted ethnic Ukrainians from Poland.
6) Important for settlers! Recovery of employment cards.
7) Tips for working abroad.
8) You need to know not to be trafficked.
9) Displaced persons’ mobilization: yes or no.
10) Petition to the Ivano-Frankivsk authority.

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